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Malware - Wannacry

Be VERY careful clicking on emails containing links, the malware that has been in the news over the weekend is very significant.

There are two components:

1 Malware that infects your computer and encrypts all your files and any files it can gain access to that may not even be on your machine. This is usually achieved by someone clicking on an email which results in the machine getting infected.

2 It try’s to spread itself using shared folders (SMB / Samba) - it is this characteristic that has caused the scale of damage, as once the malware is on a machine, it hunts out other computers that are vulnerable to a attack and attacks the machines it finds.

This is particularly relevant to older operating systems likes Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 as they have been out of maintenance for patches for a while. At the weekend, Microsoft released a patch for these windows XP and Server 2003 to try to reduce the impact of the problem for people. The patch is also available for other versions as can be seen by following this link.

MS17-010 Patch Information

Just how important is the internet to your organisation?

Over the past twenty years the Internet has gradually worked its way into every part of our lives, and many have come to consider their internet connectivity a utility in much the same way as gas or electricity.

If your organisation is one of the many that has become dependent on their connectivity in order to work correctly, and the loss of it would have huge consequences, then don't risk looking elsewhere.

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How can we help?

Whether you are an educational organisation looking for a new schools broadband connection to move away from a local authority managed service or a blue chip company in need of a complete network revamp, Exa Networks can help.


If your school is looking to improve its internet connectivity and content filtering whilst also saving thousands of pounds every year then you have come to the right place. Exa has been providing schools broadband services throughout the UK for over a decade.

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Small Business

Being a small business usually means you need excellent support, value for money and flexible products!

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Medium/Large Business

For medium & large businesses flexibility is extremely important. Unlike many competitors, bespoke solutions are our speciality - we are adept at providing services to fit specific requirements, rather than generic 'off the shelf' products.

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Flexibility and dependability are the two key components for the retail sector. Exa are both ISO 9001 & 27001 accredited, as well as offering PCI-DSS compliant solutions. We look after both single shops and chains with hundreds of outlets.

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With the advances in IP based security - such as CCTV - it has become more important than ever to have fast, reliable and dedicated security solutions.

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