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SDSL - A replacement for leased lines and private circuits?

SDSL has been been around for a few years now, and for those companies that need higher upload speeds, it does offer a real alternative to a higher cost Leased Line service.

SDSL stands for Synchronous Digital Subscriber Line which means simply that it offers upload speeds at the same high rate as downloads, unlike ADSL which has a reduced upload speed.

For most companies a slower upload speed of up to 832Kbps on ADSL is not a problem, however there are some companies for whom a higher upload speed is vital. Customers such as printers and design houses who need to send proofs to customers before going to print, or companies hosting web and email servers at their own offices are the most likely to benefit from SDSL.

So does this replace the need for a Leased Line or Private Circuit?

This question can't be answered with a simple yes or no, because it depends on the end user's requirements. SDSL is generally speaking much cheaper than an leased line alternative, and has a much lower installation costs.
Reliability wise, it is pretty much the same, but you are limited to a maximum speed on SDSL of 2Mbps up and down.

Are there any disadvantages to SDSL?

The main problem is related to availability. At present, less than 20% of the UK telephone exchanges have been SDSL enabled, so before going too far down this avenue, we would recommend speaking to one of our advisers to check that you can get SDSL in your area.

Finally, unlike ADSL which can co-exist with a phone, SDSL requires its own dedicated phone line. However you do not need to arrange to get a new line in, the line is provided at the same time as the SDSL, and you do not get a separate BT phone bill.

Features & Benefits

  • Synchronous upload and download speeds of up to 2Mbps
  • 8 Static Public IP addresses as standard, more are available on request.
  • No port blocking, service restrictions or usage caps.
  • Virus scanning on all incoming emails and attachments
  • Technical support from real people (no autoresponders) who understand our products and are here to help via a local call rate number or email.
  • Free consultation and advice prior to ordering SDSL, to make sure you get the right product and service.
  • Twelve month contract, followed by monthly contract. No long term tie in. Minimum three months notice required after initial twelve months.
  • No hidden costs or fees.