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Configuring Mozilla Thunderbird

Thunderbird, the standalone mail client developed by the Mozilla foundation, is an increasingly popular alternative to Microsoft Outlook.

With multiple platform support, ease of setup and configuration, and powerful and extensible mail filtering tools, Exa Networks recommends it as the best tool to use to take full advantage of our advanced mail features.

  • Once thunderbird has been started, select account settings from the edit dropdown menu.
  • Click on the button labelled add account..., located towards the bottom left hand corner of the newly created window.
  • Within the Account Wizard window, ensure that the account type is set to email account and click the button marked .
  • Enter your name where prompted. This field is not your email address and can include capital letters, spaces and other punctuation.
  • Enter your email address into the email address text box. This will take the form
  • After clicking again on , ensure that the server type is set to pop and type into the incoming server field, where is your domain name. Click
  • Set the incoming user name to your full email address.
  • Ensure that the outgoing user name field is blank and click on
  • Type in a name by which you will recognise this account in the account name field and click on
  • Once that you have confirmed that all of your settings are correct, click finish to create the account.