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Exa Products

At Exa Networks all our products and services are developed from the ground up specifically for Businesses and Education - unlike the majority of ISPs in the UK who are home user providers and then sell on those same services to businesses or schools.

Whether your organisation needs a consistently fast and reliable broadband connection, secure and speedy email delivery, dedicated co-location or somewhere dependable to host your website, Exa Networks have the solution.

As well as our "off the shelf" products, we specialise in bespoke solutions - so if you do need something different for your company or network give our team a call now on 0345 145 1234.


We offer internet connections from ultra fast broadband and FTTC with speeds up to 40Mbps; through to 1Gbps + leased lines, DarkLight or MPLS solutions. We also offer our own 3G mobile Internet service, Exa Static 3G (with static IP addresses) and yes, we even still provide and support Dial-up and ISDN (a decade after Broadband launched). Exa offers the full spectrum of connectivity options for your organisation.


Domain names are your organisation's identity on the world wide web.
From the start, it's much easier to remember www.yourdomain.co.uk than
Your domain name, as well as being your organisation's identity, can also be used for your email addresses.


Exa's range of services on email (all of which are inclusive within our domain hosting services) cover everything from SMTP and PoP delivery through to lesser supported services such as IMAP.
We also have our own dedicated email administration service, ESA and our primary school friendly webmail service, Pupilmail, and of course for the teachers we have TeacherMail.


Hosting, a little bit of a vague description, especially when you consider this covers our full range of hosted services such as Co-Location, Web Site Hosting on managed servers, Dedicated Server Hosting and much more.


At Exa we provide only hardware that we fully understand, can support and have rigorously tested.
If the hardware you are looking for, or would like advice on is not listed please contact our sales team.

Price List

Like the name suggests, this is our price list. Unlike many competitors who choose not to display their prices or have lots of hidden costs on top, our products and services have one simple price and nothing extra.
If you are a partner or reseller and would like the full partner price list please contact your account manager.