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Internet Connectivity Options

We provide an extensive range of services - whether you require dialup connectivity for browsing the occasional web page, ultra fast FTTC, Static 3G Mobile Internet or a dedicated leased line with a no contention ratio, we can provide it. It is fair to say we have the basics covered.

And this is just the beginning of what we do.

Exa are experts at creating bespoke solutions. Unlike many of our competitors who only offer "off the shelf" products, our team specialise in making solutions and products to fit your requirements. So, if you think you require something different to the norm, contact our sales team to see how we can help.

All of Exa's connectivity options are now available with our ISPA Award nominated 3G service as a backup. The Exa Static 3G service will provide you with a backup connection in case of a fault on your "main" connection. Our 3G service will only be availabe if you main connection is offline and will keep the same IP address range - ensuring you can carry on working exactly as before. This option only costs £24 a year, with a one-off set up cost of £25. Then you simply pay for any data you use over the 3G service, if you ever use it, at 4p per MB.


Dialup ADSL BusinessBand ADSL 2+ Leased Line Exa Static 3G FTTC
Email and basic web use tick tick       tick tick
Always on internet   tick tick tick tick   tick
Downloading large files regularly     tick tick tick   tick
Remote networking   tick tick tick tick tick tick
High upload speeds     tick tick tick   tick
99.9% Uptime level service agreement         tick    
IP based CCTV     tick tick tick tick tick
Suitable for failover tick tick tick tick   tick tick
3G Backup Available on same IP tick tick tick tick tick   tick
Suitable for VOIP     tick   tick   tick
Suitable for cloud computing       tick tick   tick


ADSL 2+, or Next Generation Broadband as the media has termed it, is the ADSL 2.0, faster upload speeds or upto 2.5Mpbs and download speeds of upto 20Mbps offer a genuine alternative to leased lines


Fibre to the Cabinet, or FTTC as it is known, is currently the fastest internet connection using BT based telephony in the UK. With download speeds of up to 40Mbps, and the fastest upload speeds (aside from leased lines) of up to 10Mbps, FTTC really is Next Generation Broadband

Exa Static 3G mobile Internet

If you are one of the millions of customers who cannot get broadband via your phone line, or you require a reliable backup, Exa Static 3G mobile service offers you just this. Alongside very low costs, Exa Static 3G service also provides you with a Static IP.


Sometimes you'll want to opt for reliability above all else. Running without contention ratios and with service level agreements to guarantee your connectivity, a must have for any company running mission critical services.


If you are a business with multiple sites or offices and you connect your business network remotely, the increased outbound connection speed that BusinessBand delivers will increase your business network's performance.


If you require a faster, always-on connection, ADSL is the solution. This is the common option for businesses and our range of bandwidth options ensures that you will get the speed you demand without paying for more than you need.


DarkLight is the latest kind of internet connection from Exa Networks. Built to last, future proofed DarkLight connections deliver speeds from 100 Mbps, can be upgraded without additional construction work, and start from the equivalent of just £299 a month.


If, like the majority of other internet users, you spend only an hour or two online per week for light web browsing and email usage, you should almost certainly be looking at our dialup account services.