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Next Generation Broadband

ADSL 2+, or Next Generation Broadband as the media have named it, is effectively ADSL 2. It has faster upload speeds of upto 2.5Mpbs and download speeds of upto 20Mbps - offering a genuine alternative to leased lines.

Before the introduction of ADSL 2.0 many internet users found that the lower upload speeds of standard ADSL left them unable to move away from expensive leased lines. This was because stopped solutions - such as streaming HD CCTV images over IP – were not possible without them. However, this problem is now a thing of past. With the advent of ADSL 2.0 internet users have much more flexibility – solutions, and much more, are completely viable on this Next Generation Broadband.

With over 25% of the UK's telephone exchanges now able to get a 2+ connection give our sales team, or your account manager, a call today to see if you are able to upgrade to the next generation of broadband connectivity and speed.

BusinessBand Pro

BusinessBand Pro is an ADSL 2+ product with:

  • Upload speeds of up to 1.3Mpbs
  • Download speeds of up to 10Mbps
  • No data transfer limits
  • Inclusive content filtering if required
  • No contention within Exa's network

BusinessBand Corporate

BusinessBand Corporate is our fastest ADSL 2+ product with:

  • Upload speeds of up to 2.5Mpbs
  • Download speeds of up to 20Mbps
  • Ideal for larger offices or very heavy users
  • No data transfer limits
  • No contention within Exa's network