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BusinessBand has been developed for businesses who need more bandwidth.

If you are a business with multiple sites or offices, and you connect your business network with VPN, Terminal Services, or Citrix connections, the increased outbound connection speed that BusinessBand delivers will increase your business network's performance.

What is BusinessBand

It is a truly unrestricted service with no contention on our network, port blocking or data limitations, and could help boost the performance of your network and allow you to upload or work remotely much faster.

BusinessBand is a hybrid rate-adaptive product, and offers the best possible speed using existing ADSL 1 standards.

The service enables customers to achieve up to 6 Mbps speeds downstream, and 832 Kbps speeds upstream via a standard telephone line.

Home user centric ISPs tend to list ADSL 1 service as "up to 8Mbps", yet at Exa we limit this to 6Mbps. Why? Simply because the maximum throughput speed you can actually achieve on ADSL 1 service is 6.2Mbps - so why pretend that more is possible?

During the first 10 days after the service has been provided a piece of equipment known as the DLM (Dynamic Line management) unit located in your local telephone exchange constantly assesses the characteristics of the line in order to provide the customer with the maximum achievable speed for their line. During this period the DLM can make adjustments to the DSLAM output power, SNR and bit rate and even apply a form of error correction known as interleaving.

Several factors dictate the maximum available speed, such as the presence of noise within the frequency spectrum used by ADSL but chiefly it is the distance from the Central Office (Telephone Exchange) which has the largest influence on the lines performance.

Whatever your connection / sync speed ends up as after the training period, you can be assured that your throughput speed will be without any congestion in Exa's network, meaning it will run at the speed you expect all of the time.

  • Download connection speed up to 6Mbps
  • Outbound connection speed up to 832Kbps
  • No monthly data transfer limits
  • No service restrictions of any kind
  • No congestion on Exa's network
  • SurfProtect® content filtering available at no extra cost
  • Includes up to 8 public IP addresses
  • Business Class support from real humans, not automated systems