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Business dial-up services

With so many people these days talking only about broadband, it's very easy to forget that some people do not need 24 hour, fast connectivity.

In fact 75% of Internet users spend less than one and a half hours per week online, so subscribing to an 'unlimited' connection package or broadband often makes little or no financial sense.

Therefore if you are one of the millions who still only use the Internet occasionally, Dial Up, may still be the best and cheapest option for you.

Exa's dial up service won the ISPA Award for Best Dial Up Provider in the UK in 2009.

Our Dial Up services are a fantastic fail over option for our, or any broadband services.

Business dial-up services.

Dial-up connections via modem, and later ISDN, were the original way to connect to the Internet, and still extremely common. Now, in the era of broadband, many ISPs have virtually abandoned these services, leaving many customers stuck, or struggling to get support for their connections.

Exa Networks know exactly how important the dial-up option is to our customers. Instead of neglecting these services, we are continually striving to take the dial-up option forward, and offer our customers a genuine alternative to broadband, with the very best in service and support.

  • 56Kbps Modem or ISDN connectivity'
  • Unlimited number of email addresses
  • Email virus scanning
  • Spam tagging, for use with customers own spam filtering software
  • Static IP address on request
  • Extremely low contention ratio (ten times lower than most home user ISPs), allowing customers to connect to the Internet when they want, without fear of engaged tones
  • Technical support available via a standard local rate call, no premium charges