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Fibre to the Cabinet - The Next Generation in Connectivity

Fibre To The Cabinet, or FTTC as it is more commonly known, is the next step up in internet connectivity from standard copper line based broadband.
Providing download speeds of up to 76Mbps and upload speeds of up to 20Mbps, it is ideal for those organisations that need significant speed increases above broadband - but without the costs of a leased line.

FTTC is currently being rolled out around the UK and at the moment approximately 20% of UK exchanges have been enabled, so please use our connectivity checker or speak to your account manager to see if you are able to take advantage of this new technology - or find out when your exchange is likely to be enabled.

FTTC - The NEXT generation

Unlike standard broadband services, FTTC is fitted by a BT Openreach engineer who will install a new faceplate for the FTTC and a NTE device. This needs to be plugged into your router or firewall product - the Vigor 2830 range will work absolutely fine - or speak to your account manager if you are not sure.

  • Download speed of up to 76Mbps
  • Upload speeds of up to 20Mbps
  • Unrestricted use, no port or service blocking

Our FTTC Products

FTTC 10Mbps10Mbps10Mbps
FTTC 20Mbps20Mbps
FTTC 30Mbps30Mbps
FTTC 40Mbps40Mbps
FTTC 76Mbps76Mbps20Mbps

The speeds noted above are the maximum speeds attainable for each product.

A whole new world of possibilities

With FTTC's very high download & upload speeds, possibilities such as true cloud based solutions and Voice Over IP (VoIP) at last become a reality.