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Leased Lines & Private Circuits

Despite the arrival of ADSL and SDSL, the need for Leased Lines and Private Circuits has not vanished as some experts predicted, in fact if anything the market is becoming more buoyant.

In the past couple of years in has become more and more costs effective for businesses and schools to put in connections such as dedicated 100Mbps. Whilst they are still more expensive than Broadband services, they offer speeds that no broadband service in the UK can touch.

If you really do need very high connectivity speeds, a Leased Line is the way to go.

Why a Leased Line as opposed to ADSL/SDSL?

As good as the Broadband products have become, for some companies there is still the issue of reliability, speed and service level agreements (SLA). With a Leased Line product all of these issues are covered, with the bandwidth being guaranteed to be on 1:1 with no contention ratio. The companies who lay the fibre also issue SLA's (unavailable with Broadband) to give a certain guarantee (to the companies) and service providers.

The other main reason at the moment to go down the path of the Leased Line is the actual limitation on the capacity of the DSL circuits which at this moment is 20Mbps per line. A Leased Line or Private Circuit can carry up to 1Gbps on each circuit.

Why choose Exa to provide your Leased Line?

Exa's staff have experience in dealing with Leased Lines dating back in the early 90's and the foundation of the commecial internet services in the UK.

Exa is Provider independent; this means that we can install a line from whichever telco is going to provide the best price, SLA and resilience for you, as opposed to being tied in to just one or two partners. With a dedicated provisioning team on hand to help you through the installation process and on-going assistance, if you require it, Exa has the experience and support structure to make sure your new or transferred circuit does what it is meant to: work!

  • Various pricing and bandwidth options from 2Mbps upwards.
  • No contention ratio applied on any leased line. Bandwidth is guaranteed.
  • Service Level Agreement of 99% physical uptime.
  • No port blocking or service restrictions.
  • Virus scanning on all incoming emails and attachments
  • Technical support from real people who understand your problems via local call rate telephone number or email.
  • 24x7 monitoring of the connection.
  • Free consultation and advice prior to even ordering the leased line, to make sure you get the right product and service.
  • Annual contract, no long term tie in.
  • No hidden costs or fees.