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Exa Static 3G Mobile Broadband

Exa's 3G mobile connectivity service, Exa Static 3G, is a little different to other mobile operators services!

Exa's Mobile Broadband service was listed as a finalist at the 2011 ISPA Awards for Best Mobile Broadband and our award winning content filtering SurfProtect is also available at no extra charge with this service.

Speak to our sales team on 0345 145 1234 for more details on our 3G packages and options.

Our services use a dedicated data SIM card which allows connectivity to the Internet. This does not allow voice calls, we offer what we specialise in - data communication.

All our 3G options come with a Static IP address. This is essential if you are planning on using the connection as a broadband failover and still want services such as Exchange and VPNs to carry on working.

In practice this means we can set up your domain/email to be automatically forwarded onto the IP of your Exa 3G sim if your main connectivity goes off line for any reason.

All the routers we support, including the new Virtual Access range, are 3G ready out of the box - it is simply a case of putting your new Exa sim into your router or dongle.

3G Data

Whilst we offer a range of pre-paid bundles, the price of usage is a simple 4 pence per MB used up or downstream.
The data is routed to our core network which allows fixed IP addresses and other services such as our content filtering service SurfProtect®.

Network Coverage

Exa Static 3G service makes use of 3's network. Over the past couple of years 3 have been massively upgrading their network and now provide very good and extensive 3G coverage.
Please check coverage via our 3G checker before ordering, or speak with your account manager for more information.
The service is a high speed 3G only product, there is no support for 2G failover such as Edge.


Exa Static 3G's service has been designed to be the most flexible on the market, and to be able to work within or compliment existing solutions, such as MPLS VPN, Private DSL or a SurfProtect® enabled network.
Educational organisations can have the same SurfProtect® profile on both the sim and their main Exa connection; ideal for teachers working from home.
Contact your account manager to discuss any solutions you may require, you will be surprised just how flexible this product can be.


As we mentioned previously our pricing is very straight forward, and is worked out at a price per MB of data transferred. Being able to accurately budget is important to our customers, and so as well as offering a pay as you go option, we also offer fixed data limits, ensuring you get no unexpected data transfer bills. Data roaming is also disabled by default therefore preventing high bills accidentally racking up when you are travelling abroad.

  • Sim Purchase - one off charge of £25
  • Sim Rental - £2 per month
  • Pay as you go. 4p per MB of data used. No limit
  • 500MB of fixed data transfer rate. £10 per month or £110 per year
  • 2000MB of fixed data transfer rate. £40 per month or £440 per year
  • Other bundles available on request
  • 3G network accessible in the UK only