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Domain Names

Exa Networks fully understand the importance of domains for every type of organisation.

They are your identity on the internet, your address for customers or clients to visit your website.

There are many "cheap" providers of domain names out there, in fact many charge less than cost. The reason they do this is simple - to tie you into their other services.
A couple of pounds a month for email, another one or two for DNS entries and maybe another one for redirecting the domain to your website. This may not seem like a lot of money - until you times these small amounts by twelve to get the annual cost and it transpires as being many times more than our simple, all-in-one price.

Domain Registration

If you are looking to register a new domain, or to add to your portfolio of domains, then this should be your first visit.

  • Powerful online panel
  • Inclusive DNS management
  • Inclusive domain hosting

Domain Hosting

Once your domain is registered you will want to use it straight away.

That is why we include our email service, free, with any domain we host or register.

  • Web forwarding
  • Inclusive email with ESA inc or email forwarding.

DNS Control Panel

The Exa Networks DNS administration panel is an easy way to administer your domain names.

Domain Checker

simply put the name of the domain you want into our checker below to see if it is available and then contact our Sales Team on 0345 145 1234 to register it straight away.