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Email Services

Email has rapidly grown over the past decade to become the world main form of communication, surpassing phone calls way back in 2007.

Now that it is the main communication type in the world it has become absolutely vital to most organisations to have a reliable and fast email provider.
Often overlooked when organisations are thinking about IT infrastructure, if you use email then your email provider is just as important as any other supplier.

Exa offers a fully inclusive email service with all domains we host, however if you don't or cannot host your domain with Exa contact our sales team today on 0345 145 1234 to discuss your options as we will still be able to help.


Email Self Administration or ESA for short is a simple online interface for managing your domain's email accounts ESA is completely free with all domains hosted with Exa.


Pupil Mail is a our very own customised web interface designed specifically for Primary Schools or Pre-Prep environments. Featuring large, colourful icons and inappropriate word filtering, and of course for the teachers we have TeacherMail


Exa Networks scans all email that passes though our servers for known viruses, not just those messages going to special accounts charged at a premium rate.

Spam Protection

Over 90% of the email sent in the world each day is classified as SPAM. Basically this is email that arrives in your inbox that you did not ask for. It could be something innocent like a high street shop email but more likely is some scam offering enlargements of various parts of your anatomy, illegal drugs or money scams. Whatever they are your don't want them, and that is why we spam tag and filter every email that comes in or through our network.