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Do you ever wish you hadn't pressed delete on an email? Immediately regretting it but unable to do anything about it? Well, at Exa Networks we specialise in making (internet) wishes come true: MailKeeper will make sure you never lose another email again.

By archiving all the emails your company sends and receives, MailKeeper provides a secure and affordable solution to email backup.

Email archiving for business

Mailkeeper was designed to help you meet contingency planning and disaster recovery requirements for local government departments, architects, solicitors, insurance companies and more.

Hundreds of emails a week pour into a user's inbox. Keeping track of them is a chore. But multiply that by 500 or 2,000 or even 10,000 workers and managing email becomes much more than a chore.

Combine this problem with the regulations coming into force on customer privacy, fair trade and corporate governance, and you have a situation where it's no longer sufficient to filter out spam and viruses, manage the email system and remind users to delete their old messages.

Email has replaced the memo and even to some extent the telephone for business communications. It is estimated that 60% of business critical information is stored within corporate messaging systems. This means that email is the communication medium of record. If a company is sued, lawyers will go to email records for evidence.

MailKeeper also includes filters to report out exceptions based on email subject line or body content trigger keywords, attachments or users sending an unusually high volume of mail. This allows businesses to protect themselves from employees mis-using company email accounts.