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PupilMail is our very own customised web interface designed specifically for Primary Schools or Pre-Prep environments, featuring large colourful icons and inappropriate word filtering.

What is PupilMail?

With its large user friendly icons PupilMail is an easy introduction to email for children.

As well as being easier to navigate it is also a safer environment too; part of our SurfProtect™ family of services, Pupil Mail includes spam filtering, virus checking and, unique to Pupil Mail, inappropriate word filtering.

So what is "inappropriate word filtering"?

PupilMail uses our own proprietary software to check all inbound email and automatically detects emails with inappropriate content, such as swearing or known racist terms, and sends that email to a designated administrator so that it can be checked and dealt with as required.

What does PupilMail cost?

PupilMail, along with the ESA tool (Email Self Administration) is included within our school email and domain hosting charge, which is just £100 per domain per year - not per user or email address.
For instance if a school had the domain Primaryschool.bradford.sch.uk, then they can have as many users (user@primaryschool.bradford.sch.uk) as they require, and ESA allows new ones to be added or existing accounts edited in real time.

For more information contact our education specialists or our sales team on 0345 145 1234 or via education@exa-networks.co.uk.