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Spam Protection & Filtering

Over 90% of the email sent in the world each day is classified as SPAM. Basically this is email that arrives in your inbox that you did not ask for. It could be something innocent like a high street shop email but more likely is some scam offering enlargements of various parts of your anatomy, illegal drugs or money scams. Whatever they are you do not want them, and that is why we spam tag and filter every email that comes in or through our network.

Protecting your inbox

Every email delivered to your mailbox will contain a special ‘header’ after it has been checked for spam content. It is then marked as spam if our mail cluster has decided that it thinks the email is spam. Using this information, you or your email software can then decide what to do with those emails.

In order to help you manage spam, we will automatically create an email address cleverly named 'spam' in your domain, all email tagged as spam will be delivered there and kept for 7 days rather than clogging up your inbox.

We will also create a ‘bounce’ account in your domain too, as more and more spam is sent from a random email addresses.

Exa Networks has also created an innovative approach to spam fighting with
ScavengerExa, which we are trying to get other ISP's to take a look at and use free of charge.