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Email Virus Scanning

At Exa we take email viruses very seriously as we know the massive impact that a virus can have on an organisation.

At best, the effected organisation will maybe lose a computer and a day trying to fix it, at worse they could lose all their data, or have their email black listed and blocked from the rest of the world.

Viruses and virus prevention is a multi billion dollar business. It is a constant battle with the hackers and virus creators and the companies trying to stop them.

That's why Exa scans all incoming and outgoing emails for viruses. We even created our very own program ScavengerExa to detect and alert us to new outbreaks of infections.

Taking Care

Whilst there are steps that can be taken to minimise your company's risk, like regularly updating PCs, using anti virus software and installing a firewall, it only needs one overlooked machine to compromise the security of an office network. The theft or corruption of data can have a serious impact on your business.

Not all viruses will cause irreversible damage, but even the more benign ones can end up costing a business significantly in terms of hidden financial costs through lost productivity as they attempt to eradicate them from their networks.

Rather than investing both time and money into cleaning up any damage, many companies are now allocating resources to defend against the initial infection and Exa Networks is your proactive partner in this fight.

Exa Networks scans all email that passes though our servers for known viruses, not just those messages going to special accounts charged at a premium rate.

With trusted scanning software that is recognised as being highly efficient at detecting viruses and a specially created update system to keep on top of new dangers through hourly updates, you can be certain that your mail is safe in our hands. Just to make sure, we automatically check all messages for anything suspicious and let you know if anything seems untoward.