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At Exa Networks we are very particular about the hardware we recommend to our customers - not only does it have to be robust and flexible to meet today's business needs, it must also be sensibly priced.

All hardware that is recommended by Exa has been thoroughly tested over many months and, in some cases, years.

All of the recommended hardware can be bought directly from Exa, or you are welcome to purchase them from whoever you like. Whichever you choose, you have the comfort of knowing we have done all of the product testing for you.

Recommended Hardware

Draytek Vigor 2830 ADSL Router
The Vigor range of routers, by Draytek, have been our first choice for businesses and educational organisations for nearly a decade now.
Easy to configure but probably the most flexible and versatile pound for pound router on the market. The latest version of the DSL router, the 2830 supports ADSL and ADSL 2+ (including Annex M)

Cisco 1921 Modular Router
Cisco is just about the biggest and best known IT manufacturer on the planet. The latest version of the 1900 series router is the very definition of flexible. Its moduler system enables owners to swap and change to meet current and future demands. With modules for everything from ADSL/ADSL 2+ and FTTC to VPN accelerators and Firewalls. Speak to one of our solutions team to see which meets your needs.

Virtual Access Routers
The latest routers to our collections are the fantastic new Virtual Access range. These include the broadband bonding out of the box capable 7000 series and the brand new DSL/3G 6000 series.
As well as being, in our opinion, the best value business class routers on the market, they also have the astounding IP Select service, which for just £60 per year give you essentially a perpetual warranty, ongoing software and feature upgrades, advanced remote and local monitoring tools, AND a four hour on-site swap out (by a technical courier) if you router cannot be fixed remotely.

Ruckus Wireless Solutions
Simply put we love the Ruckus wireless access points and directors. We have put them into some really large deployments and in our opinion they are so far ahead of the competition in terms of reliability, affordability and most importantly, the do exactly what they say they do, work. No longer does wifi = flakey; with Ruckus wifi = it works. What more can you ask?