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Virtual Access Routers

The virtual access routers are the latest to be added to our very select range at Exa.

The flexibility that these routers offer make them our first choice for business customers who really want, in our opinion, the best value for money router there is.

In case you hadn't guessed from our preamble, we really like these routers - in fact it is not just the routers but the company that makes them. Working from a very similar ethos to Exa, they take absolute pride in the routers they build (in Ireland), and the services they offer - such as 4 hour same day router swap out via IP Select service - are for 99% of our customers an absolute must have.

High Availability Services

The series delivers a fully integrated backup solution that gives end-users confidence that their corporate applications will remain online.
The back up options include DSL failover (7000 Series), PSTN and 3G (6500 Series)
An embedded link monitor continually checks the status of the primary link. If it
detects an error condition it automatically routes traffic via an alternative interface,
such as a secondary ADSL interface, a 3G wireless interface or a dial modem.
As soon as the primary link is reinstated, the monitoring agent switches the SMG back to the primary link without any user intervention.
SNMP traps,email notification and syslog can alert network staff to link failure and re-establishment events.
Network services within the Internet access or MPLS networks are automatically re-established.


The virtual access family offers stateful inspection firewall for multi-layered
security with centralised intrusion reporting and management facilities.
IPSec tunnelling with up to 50 3DES tunnels offers the necessary data privacy for Internet access applications.
A hardware security engine is employed for high performance encryption and authentication.

Quality of Service

The series (7000) supports DiffServ classification, including marking, queuing, and policing functions.
Supports a range of criteria for identifying and prioritising packets across local and remote interfaces.
DiffServ capabilities enable the appliance to be compatible with managed MPLS
network applications providing end-to-end quality of service.

Centralised SLA Monitoring

The GW7000 series appliance monitors connection speeds and produces historical service utilisation reports.
Using a range of statistical methods, the appliance locally monitors a broad range of service attributes such as data throughput, MOS and WAN utilisation.

Annex M Support

Annex M supports high upload speeds.
The 6500 & 7000 routers conforms to the BT Access
Network Frequency Plan for both ADSL Annex A and Annex M.