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Whether you are looking to simply host your organisations website on one of our shared web servers, wanting a dedicated cabinet in one of our co-location datacenters or looking for something in between, Exa's flexibility and range of services for hosting solutions will have the answer.

Dedicated Hosting / Co-Location

If your organisation has decided that it needs to fully control its own servers, but still wants them to be in the most safe and secure datacenters in the UK, along with a wealth of bandwidth and IP Transit options then our dedicated server hosting and co-location will have the answer for you.

Managed Hosting

For those that have the need for their own dedicated server, maybe to run some custom software, but don't have the desire or in house technical ability to managed them, then our dedicated managed servers give you that option.

Web Site Hosting

Our shared web server hosting is the perfect solution for most small and medium businesses. Let Exa take care of the management, the patching and the bandwidth. All you need to provide simply upload your website and let us do the rest. Our Servers run on both Linux and Windows operating systema and support for ASP, PHP, MySQL and Windows SQL services.

Database Services and Hosting

The database of your website can be the most important part of the websites infrastructure and for
for performance reasons we don't host any other services on machines running SQL, meaning database access is fast and reliable and gives people visiting your website the quick response they need.