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Website Hosting

Our shared servers are all optimised for hosting and maintained to a very high standard to ensure the maximum uptime of our customer's web sites. technical support.

Hosted in the same suites as as our co-location and benefiting from the same bandwidth and resilience, our shared servers are an excellent alternative for the budget conscious business looking for a quality hosting solution backed by excellent

Shared Server or Dedicated co-location?

The majority of websites are hosted on a shared web server platform. These are servers that are owned, managed and run by the ISP themselves, onto which they put many hundreds, sometimes thousands of individual web sites.

This has worked well in the past for two main reasons. Firstly the majority of websites until recently have been simple HTML affairs with very little customized coding or scripting. This type of site generally takes very little disk space on a server and requires very little of the processor capacity. Secondly, these servers are managed by the ISP so there is very little experience and time required in terms of server management from the customer side.

Many websites are now becoming increasingly complex, often requiring separate databases, tight security policies for e-commerce and customized scripting. Shared servers are just too restrictive and consequently no longer a viable option. Therefore many businesses are opting to buy their own dedicated servers, and are hosting them in our data centre with us supplying them with rack space, power and bandwidth.

Which is the right option for my website?

That is very much down to each individual and their requirements. If you are in any doubt speak to one of our team, let them know your requirements and we will try and advice you the right way forward.

As a guide, any website making extensive use of database driven scripting will see an improvement in performance and have greater scalability from operating exclusively on it's own server. A small ten page portfolio site would be fine on a shared web hosting platform.

  • Hosting on optimized high end web servers.
  • Contention ratio (number of websites per server) maximum of 100:1
  • Hosting on dedicated Windows or UNIX platforms.
  • Scripting supported, PHP with SQLite, ASP
  • MySQL option available
  • Microsoft SQL option available
  • Technical support from real people (no autoresponders) who understand your problems
  • Access to support without having to pay for a premium rate number