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Our co-location services are the hosting of your servers, routers or firewalls on one of our dedicated datacenter hosting environments.
Hosting in one of our six co-location centers throughout the UK gives your organisation the advantage of using our diverse bandwidth options and network resilience to connect to the Internet.

Co-location is the preferred option for many organisations as opposed to hosting your server(s) at the office on the end of an ADSL, be it for web, email, ftp or gaming.

Why you should co-locate

Generally speaking, the office or school environment is not designed with hosting servers in mind and as such tends not to have the network resilience, fire/flood protection, the UPS systems or the backup power generators of a co-location centre. These are crucial to ensure the constant power and connectivity supply to the servers required to guarantee a constant quality of service.

Where are Exa's co-location data centres?

Exa is principally hosting from our own suites Telecity and IFL in Manchester. We are also able to provide hosting in Telehouse London and our new PoP's in Leeds and Bradford.

Manchester centers are also conveniently placed just 40 minutes from our Bradford office. With access from the M6 and M62 motorways, Manchester is one of the most accessible cities in the North of England.

Telecity Manchester, now TelecityRebus, is regarded by many professionals as the best run data centre of Europe and has attracted all the National ISP and Telcos.

IFL is the largest Data Center in Manchester. With its new infrastructure and high power capacity, IFL is setting the bar for the next generation of Data center infrastructure. Situated only a few minutes away from Telecity, it allows us to provide our customer with geographically diverse location within Manchester.

Telehouse is the first Center of London where most of the UK connectivity is exchanged. This where Exa is connected to LINX.

So why should you choose Exa for your co-location?

Exa's staff have a wealth of experience in building and managing servers, IP transit and co-location space. With customers who turnover hundreds of millions of pounds through the hosted servers and others who have very small sites, our experience covers the full spectrum of hosting requirements.

If needed, our staff can be on hand to offer pre-implementation planning, migration and deployment advice, to ensure that your co-location installation goes as smoothly as possible.

  • Air-conditioned environment maintained at 22 degrees C (+ or - 15%)
  • Rack space in industry specification standard 19" racks
  • Cabinet space available from 2U to full co-location suites
  • Bandwidth/IP Transit available from 256Kbps to multiple Gigabits
  • One 240 volt power supply per server (16 amp Commando type socket) per 2U co-location
  • UPS and full standby generator capable of full site power provision
  • Leak detection system built into all air-conditioning and all other possible sources of leaks such as drain covers and Telco pits
  • Fire detection and suppression using the latest Cirrus IFD and/or VESDA
  • 24x7x365 on site security and CCTV monitoring
  • Power available upto 15A per cabinet