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Load Balanced Solutions

In recent times we have seen a large increase in demand and interest for load balanced solutions.

Our load balanced solutions use either our award-winning broadband packages, leased lines or a combination of the two - whatever is the best option for your school and your budget.

By using a bespoke load balanced solution, Exa is able to provide each school with its own custom designed solution; capable of delivering high bandwidth, greater reliability and flexible choice about how you want your school's internet connected products to work.

Load Balanced Solutions

Our load balanced solutions are ideal for schools wanting to do the following:

  • Leave the Local Authority due to poor service
  • Provide faster connectivity for less money, more control and greater reliability.
  • Host VLE, web and mail servers internally but not clog up the internet arteries required by other important services.
  • Offer both staff and pupils remote access via VPN
  • Use alongside an existing RBC provided solution to give greater flexibility and choice of services.


An example of the type of load balanced solution we have provided can be seen below:

If you would like more information on the type of solution that would best suit your education environment please contact our education manager on 0345 145 1234