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Corporate Solutions

Many of the UK's Corporate organisations rely on Exa Networks to deliver high level and reliable solutions to enable them to operate efficiently and effectively. These organisations choose Exa Networks to manage their Corporate IT and Network Solutions because of the flexibility and comprehensive services we offer, the unrivalled quality and resilience of our network and associated services, and our unparalleled reputation for innovation and customer support.

Managed Wide Area Networks (WAN's)

Connecting multiple sites together on a wide area network (WAN) is now a fundamental requirement for many businesses. As the reliance on IT grows, the quality of the WAN infrastructure is crucial in supporting effective and productive working between employees, customers and suppliers. Exa Networks offers a full range of WAN infrastructure solutions. Our approach to network integration focuses on ensuring your infrastructure is resilient, secure, performant and fit for purpose now and into the future.

Leased Lines

Does your business require a secure and reliable point-to-point Leased Line connection? Do you require guaranteed bandwidth for your mission critical applications, video, VoIP, or other Internet connectivity services? Exa Networks offers highly resilient and reliable leased line services with guranteed bandwdith from 2Mbit to 10Gbit.

Retail and PCI DSS Compliance

In today's card-centric business and consumer environment, millions of consumers and businesses utilise various types of payment cards to complete billions of retail purchases and transactions at the till, on the web, through the Post and over the phone. PCI DSS requires organisations to protect cardholder account information throughout the transaction lifecycle, from the point of sale, data transfer and storage of account information. Exa Networks can provide you with PCI Compliant solutions and and help to save you the pain and threat of incurring heavy fines.

Colocation and Data Centre Solutions

Reduce your technology management costs and the burden on your IT Department with Exa Networks colocation and hosting services. Your hardware will be secured and connected at one of Exa's world-class datacenter facilities in Manchester and London featuring redundant and resilient technology.