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Fibre Optic Leased Lines

A leased line is a private high-performance circuit between a customer and a service provider’s network for Internet access or as a point-to-point circuit between two sites. It is rented on an annual basis and usually carries voice and data or both. A leased line is not contended or shared and delivers dedicated guaranteed bandwidth straight to the internet backbone. Although more expensive than broadband, leased lines are supported by a comprehensive Service-Level Agreement (SLA) with a guaranteed fix time and a compensation clause.

We can provide you with network or Internet access speeds from 2Mbit to 10Gbit.

Who is a leased line suiteable for?

Exa Networks provides leased line services to many of its customers who require multi-site connectivity, point-to-point private connections, or just to increase their Internet access speeds. If you feel that you may need a leased line then give our sales team a call on 0345 145 1234 who will provide you with a no obligation quote