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Small to Medium Sized Business Solutions

Many Small to Medium businesses in the UK have discovered new and innovative ideas to compete with large and Corporate business. However, the majority of these ideas fail to materialise due to lack of knowledge or understanding of the requirements to implement operational strategies in a cost effective and efficient way.

Our knowledge and expertise to help guide you through the process of making your ideas a reality through conceptual design, engineering, and implemetation of your business solution requirements.

ADSL Solutions

Broadband, although now widely available still differs massively from ISP to ISP. At Exa, our services are un-contended within our network and run at the full speed your line is capable of sustaining. This means you get exactly what you should expect.
Our range of both “On” and “Off” the shelf products are just the tip of our broadband portfolio

  • Bonded or Load balanced DSL
  • Automatic Dialup Failover

VPN Solutions

Having multiple sites that required site to site internet and intranet access used to be the nightmare for IT managers and support staff. These days with the vast range of hardware and options, Virtual Private Networks (VPN's) have been a reality for a long while. However they are often let down or held back by poor quality connections or dynamic IP addressing.
At Exa, as a Business Only ISP we fully understand the importance of VPN's and our experience will help you and your company get the VPN up and most importantly, stay running.

  • Securely transit data between site
  • Extend your office to new site
  • Empower Remote worker

Leased Lines

As great and quick as broadband now is, even speeds of up to 20Mbps are sometimes not enough for the most bandwidth hungry customers.
However, bandwidth is not always the most important factor. A leased lines give you that extra bit more reliability and a guaranteed service level.
Exa offers the full spectrum of leased lines including WES/BES, EAD, National Ethernet and direct Fibre to meet your requirements.

Private DSL Solutions

A private DSL Network is a very cost effective way of connecting multiple sites to a main site in a hub and spoke network design. The service does not touch the internet in any way and is private and secure without the costs of a leased line or MPLS solution.

MPLS Solutions

Multi Protocol Label Switching - MPLS emulates some of the properties of a circuit-switched network over a packet-switched or IP network. It has the ability to transmit different types of data whilst prioritising them according to the importance of speed of delivery. For example, on a network that has users sending emails and making VoIP phone calls, the VoIP traffic is prioritised over the email traffic to ensure no loss of quality or latency.

Co-location & Data Center Solutions

Our Co-location services are the hosting of your servers, routers or firewalls in one of our dedicated datacenter hosting environments.
Hosting in one of our six co-location centers throughout the UK gives your organisation the advantage of our using our diverse bandwidth options and network resilience to connect to the Internet.

Retail and PCI Compliance

In today's card-centric business and consumer environment, millions of consumers and businesses utilise various types of payment cards to complete billions of retail purchases and transactions at the till, on the web, through the Post and over the phone. PCI DSS requires organisations to protect cardholder account information throughout the transaction lifecycle, from the point of sale, data transfer and storage of account information. Exa Networks can provide you with PCI Compliant solutions and and help to save you the pain and threat of incurring heavy fines.