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BusinessBand Security

BusinessBand Security utilises Exa's Broadband services with an emphasis on an increased upload speed. This is needed to push the images from the camera site with much higher frame rates and constant streaming.
IP based CCTV is reliant on a constant, reliable outbound connections, known commonly as upstream. Not the high download speeds that are associated with surfing the web. Many companies and solution providers use either general business connectivity from a home user centric Internet Service Provider. This leads to broken images or stuttering streaming as these "cheap services" are highly contended at the time of day, or should that be night, when CCTV solutions are needed the most.

What is BusinessBand Security

In summary it is a very fast, reliable internet connection using standard ADSL technology.
BusinessBand Security is a unrestricted service with no contention on our network, port blocking or data limitations, in fact nothing that can slow down or disrupt the images coming back from the cameras.
It could help boost the performance of your security network and allow you to upload or remote access your cameras much easier and quicker.

BusinessBand Security is ideal to be placed at the CCTV camera site and send the images out to the offsite monitoring station.
The service enables customers to achieve up to 832 Kbps speeds on upstream via a standard telephone line without any expensive hardware.
BusinessBand Security can easily stream live at 25+ frames per second using MPEG4.

  • 832kbps upload which IP Cameras rely on for offsite monitoring
  • 512Kbps download
  • No data transfer limits
  • No contention within Exa’s network
  • No port blocking or transproxy
  • Business class support from real humans, not automated systems