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Private DSL

A private DSL Network is a very cost effective way of connecting multiple sites to a main site in a hub and spoke network design. The service does not touch the internet in any way and is totally private and secure.
DSL has opened up opportunities for business networks within small and medium sized companies where previously they would not have been financially viable.

Why private dsl?

Private DSL can also be incorporated into a solution with other technologies such as fibre based MPLS, to build a wide area network based on size, number of users, and data profiles of each site. This gives you a cost effective and efficient solution fulfilling your exact requirements.

With over 1,200 LLU exchanges throughout the UK, including Northern Ireland, Exa Networks can deliver unrestricted and unlimited DSL services with up to 20Mbps downstream and 2.5Mbps upstream.

Exa's security accreditation and high level service and support makes any of these IPVPN solutions ideal for Public Sector, Military, and Private Sector network solutions no matter how large or small.

Contact our sales department to discuss options open to your organisation on 0345 145 1234