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If Exa had a mission statement then it would almost definitely be based around its support services. Many ISP´s claim customer service is a priority, for us it is no claim, customer service and support is the basis of which the company was formed, and the reason it continues to grow.

We have a very simple ethos at Exa, if a customer needs help then we will help them there and then.

How does an ISP that does not use a call centre overseas sound?

How about one that does not operate an automated phone and queuing system, but one who answers phone calls by a real person within 15 seconds (well we try, and to be honest often answer them in much less) during our normal support hours of 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 10am to 4pm Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays.

We also have real technicians who help you out with your technical support queries, not people who read off of a script, this team WILL be able to help you on all of your Exa services queries, no automated ticketing system, no being passed between ten different departments before help arrives.

Every customer large or small is assigned an account manager when they become an Exa customer, who you can contact directly whenever you need, but if they are on holiday (and yes we allow them some time off sometimes) the rest of the team will be able to help you straight away.


Setup is simple whether you read your mail from a single location or need access on the move, and our versatile webmail system keeps you up to date from any computer connected to the internet, regardless of the service provider used for the connection.


Exa provide a number of internet access solutions and in this section you will find support documents to help you make the most from your connection.

Domain Names

Only customers using an internet connection provided by Exa Networks will ever need to refer to our dns settings - we will take care of configuring hosted domains to point to our name servers.


If you are hosting your website and just need basic support information for instance "how to upload" then visit our hosting support page, for anything more complicated please call our technical support team on 0345 145 1234 and they will be happy to help and advise.


Surfprotect ® is a highly accurate web filtering system designed to grow with the internet and adapt to your particular needs.