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Support - Email

Exa Networks provides mail services to meet the changing needs of our customers in any situation.

Setup is simple whether you read your mail from a single location or need access on the move, and our versatile webmail system keeps you up to date from any computer connected to the internet, regardless of the service provider used for the connection.

Of course, we also offer domain owners rich tools for managing your own email accounts, keeping control of your domain firmly in your hands without the need to maintain your own mail server. With our ESA (Email Self Administration) product, you can create and control as many accounts within your domain as you wish and configure them with often requested functionality such as mail auto response and forwarding - all through an intuitive web interface.

Whatever your needs, we're sure that we have the solution to suit you. Should you have any queries, our sales staff are contactable at sales@exa-networks.co.uk.

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